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Challenge your advanced mathematicians, 

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​​Teacher Testimonials

​This was great for my high achieving math students. It provided a level of frustration that many of my students hadn't ever experienced because they were always used to getting everything quickly and easily. This is a great resource to promote challenges to enrich your math block.

​- ​Marisol J. ​

​I appreciate that your product does not imply any one system of math instruction, allows for/encourages multiple approaches, is challenging but accessible for second graders, includes some theme/time of year connections, doesn’t include any characters nor scenarios from main stream media, includes enough instructions to be self-sufficient and more

​- ​Sally W. ​

​Great set of Math Challenges! My students were so engaged and worked collaboratively! The math discourse that takes place is phenomenal. There is a great balance of strands of math like number sense, logical reasoning, geometry, algebraic thinking, measurement and data. ​

​- ​Ingrid L.

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