Let's tackle whatever this year holds TOGETHER!

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Sound Familiar Super Teacher?

  • Teaching is exhausting! I never feel like I can get ahead.
  • I know how to find teaching materials online, but I don't want to spent hours digging through TpT, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and teacher websites to find what I need.
  • I don't have enough materials from my school that will work for my students.
  • I feel like I'm doing this all on my own.
  • I have my own classroom ideas, but I'd like a place to go when I need additional materials, support, or to talk with other teachers who get how hard this job can be.

Imagine if you could feel like this instead:

"Friend from across cyber space, you are like my Fairy Godmother! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve spent hours on TpT but this brought it all together! Thanks so much. I’m not going to cry today, I’m going to do this!!!"

Nectaria // Classroom Teacher

  • The thought of what the school year holds doesn't overwhelm me. I know I'll have ideas, materials and support when I need them most.
  • I have more time for myself and my family because I'm not spending hours looking for materials. I have downloadable resources at my fingertips every single month that can save me time and stress.
  • I have the help of an experienced teacher who can suggest appropriate resources that are a good fit for my 2nd or 3rd grade classroom.
  • I have quick access to classroom resources that will work for digital and in-class learning for EVERY month of the school year.
  • I have a place to share ideas of what's working in my classroom, a place to connect with other teachers going through the same experiences, and the help from my own personal "Betsy" who wants me to have more time for myself, less stress, and support when I need it most.

Hi! I'm Katie, 

and I want to be your Betsy.

Katie Smith

a.k.a. i want to be a super teacher

a.k.a. your virtual betsY

If you're a 2nd or 3rd grade classroom teacher who wants to save yourself time, stress, and get support when you need it most, you're in the right place.

I have fourteen years of classroom teaching experience in grades 2-3, and am passionate about helping teachers engage every learner and personalize instruction.

My specialties are providing choice within structure, creating engaging advanced options for high-flying students, and using workshop models and conferencing to meet the needs of every learner.

I am hoping to be your virtual Betsy throughout the next school year and beyond.

I'm so excited about the possibility of rocking the school year TOGETHER!

Want to know more? Read on Super Teacher.

My Betsy?

So, let me explain.

During my first year of teaching I was an intern, which basically means I skipped student teaching and went straight to the classroom.

The catch was, interns were paid half salary, but we also were assigned a facilitator whose job was solely to help us.

Enter: Betsy!

Was Betsy's mentorship worth half my salary? As a 21 year old with minimal bills, absolutely!

She created a folder of teaching items for us every month, but didn't pressure us to use them.

She gifted us teaching presents every month (Cute stationary, stopwatch, Flair pens, teacher heaven!)

She knew all the right things to say at exactly the right times, could defuse any angry parent, and could take care of a 5th grader with a pocket knife like nobody's business.

Can I come to your room and drag out a screaming, knife-wielding 10 year old?

Unfortunately, no.

But, I know I can help. And it's my top priority from now until your summer break and beyond to make sure I'm there to make your teaching life easier, save you stress, and give you more time for yourself.

I know how overwhelming and isolating teaching can be, even if you have a great team. How often do you just want to turn to an adult and say, "Did you hear what that kiddo just said?"

I know how heavy that bag you carry to your car every night can feel.

I know how Sundays can start out all fancy free, and then at 7pm you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest.

I know how you'll drag yourself in to work when you're at death's doorstep, just because sub plans are more effort than they're worth.

I know that the materials and support I can provide within the membership can make a real difference in your day-to-day teacher life. 

If you want a virtual Betsy, then join us in the membership and let's get started!

New and fresh ideas that my students absolutely loved!

"I LOVE my Super Teacher Membership! I have been teaching for 20 years and found that this membership helped give me some new and fresh ideas that my students absolutely loved! During the pandemic I had to adjust to teaching online and Katie was great about providing material that I could use electronically. I found that if I felt stressed about an upcoming unit and how I would be able to make it digital, I could just send her an email and she would respond quickly with suggestions or created materials. Perusing my Super Teacher Membership each month is something that I look forward to exploring because I always find a great suggestion that I can't wait to implement. I highly recommend joining and discovering what the Super Teacher Membership has to offer!"

THERESA P.  //  Third Grade Teacher, OH

Why a Membership?



With homework menus & printables, digital math games, math challenges, literacy centers, math centers, mini-masterclasses, and monthly bonus printables, there is something for every 2nd or 3rd grade teacher in the membership. Plus, more resources will continue to be added based on member requests.

What you need most is what comes next!

You can access the membership materials from any device, at your convenience, on an independent site accessible in any school district.

Get what you need to teach right at your fingertips.



Join our members only "Super Teachers' Lounge" community and connect with Super Teachers just like you. If you're a straight-talking teacher with a flair for fun, you're in the right place!

Learn, share, leave feedback, and make requests for future updates you need to make your teaching life easier.



The membership is never "done." Materials will consistently be added based on your requests as well as the immediate needs you have during this school year and beyond.

You will always have the current and upcoming month's modules available to meet your needs if you like to plan ahead, or if you need to grab and go TODAY!

Plus, with a membership you have the flexibility to choose between monthly and yearly pricing options. No down payment required.

You can have access to sanity-saving teaching materials and support for less than a team Starbucks run before faculty meeting!

An opportunity to spend more time with my family . . .

"My membership has been one of the best things that I have participated in as a teacher. Katie’s ideas have been so helpful and have given me a quick way to accomplish so many tasks. I love her math slides and the students look forward to doing them every day. The homework menus and monthly resources have given me an opportunity to spend more time with my family. That family time is worth its weight in gold. If you are wondering if you should join . . . think no more and just click YES! You will not regret it!!"

SHELLY C.  //  Third Grade Teacher, AZ

High quality, effective, and easy to implement . . . 

"The Super Teacher Membership does not disappoint! Katie creates so many amazing resources. Each month I take several things from the module and implement them in my classroom.  My favorite resources are the monthly homework menu and materials, the Ready, Set, Show review games, and the literacy centers. Not only does Super Teacher save me time, but my membership provdes me with resources that are high quality, effective, and easy to implement. Join The Super Teacher Membership today because you won't regret it."

SARAH Z.  //  Third Grade Teacher, OH

Members Get Access to:

Let's get our year of Super Teaching started. Head here to say hello, leave feedback, and access our Members-Only Super Teacher community forum and Facebook Group.

Take some of that worry out of Back to School with these August resources! The August module includes an editable Back to School Night presentation & paperwork, Classroom Scavenger Hunt, and a Meet the Teacher Ready, Set, Show game. You'll also have access to an August homework menu + printables, animal themed math challenges, animal themed Ready, Set, Show! fact practice activities, August literacy and math centers, and a Back to School Writing Mini-Lessons Make & Take video + templates!

Get your entire first week planned in a snap! For each of the 5 first days of school you'll get: an editable version of detailed plans in Word, a downloadable PDF version of the plans, automatic download links to ALL printable & digital resources in the plans, and an editable set of Canva slides for each day to guide your teaching

Set the foundation for your school year with a solid management plan, and super back to school math, writing, and reading. 

Downloads include: September homework, back to school math challenges, Getting Writer's Workshop Started mini-masterclass, student dictionaries, literacy centers, math centers, place value and number form treasure hunts, and "Ready, Set, Show!" Nouns, plus addition, subtraction, place value and expanded form.

Every month, members will get at least 2 bonus items. Bonuses currently include fun monthly challenges (with PRIZES!) plus BRAND NEW resources based on member requests are planned for the 2024-25 school year. In previous years bonus items included: ELA Ready Set Show games, Google Slides versions of all math challenge packs, mini-packs of differentiated math challenges, Facebook Live Kickoffs, and monthly Trello Boards.

This growing library of editable templates includes: Name Art (in person & virtual), Top 10 Lists for team building and student spotlights, virtual three ring binders for organizing student work, Google Slides for virtual word work and story retelling, and more!  

Three mini-masterclasses (Getting Writer's Workshop Started, Getting Centers Started, and Management Tips & Tricks) are already available, and more will be added based on member requests. On the first Sunday of every month, plan to come say hello and bring your questions for Katie to answer live during our Facebook Live kickoffs in our members only group, where we talk about the membership resources you have available, plus tips, tricks, books, and ideas for the upcoming month.

Access our members only community to ask questions, share, leave feedback, and make requests for future membership updates. We have an on-site and Facebook community, so you can find us whether you're at school or on your phone.

Insert Content Template or Symbol

You'll have these downloadable items at your fingertips in every monthly module:

Homework Menus

& Printables

Differentiate through choice with a monthly homework menu, grading options, editable menu, and 30+ corresponding printables. Use as your homework system, or edit the menu and use the printables for centers, mini-lessons, or fast finishers.

Digital Math


Simply project & play with these "Ready, Set, Show!" paperless games. Perfect for in-person or virtual learning, these PowerPoint games are ready to use in seconds. Math and ELA versions are ready to go! Student versions in Google Slides are also available for independent practice.

Seasonal Math


Created to challenge advanced 2nd and 3rd grade mathematicians, these seasonal sets of math challenges are perfect for math contracts, fast finishers, or homework for your high fliers. Use them for whole class number talks or partner problem solving too. Easier, differentiated mini-versions are also included.

Literacy Centers

Centers made simple! Every monthly module includes at least one word work and one writing center with student direction pages and supplementary printables. These activities are low prep and ready to GO!

Trello Boards

These Trello Boards are a perfect way to visually plan every month of your year! They come pre-filled with all of the membership resources, ideas for read alouds, and 10+ seasonal freebies that are actually worth downloading.

Math Centers

In every monthly module you'll get at least one math center with a student direction page and supplementary printables. Add these as a "fun" option during your morning centers, as fast finishers, or math warm-ups.

But, that's not all! 

You'll also get:

NEW Literacy Centers Module

Practical, EASY to use literacy centers, here we come!

In the Literacy Centers for Super Teachers you'll have access to 20+ word work and spelling centers, and 10+ writing centers. PRINT & GO versions as well as EDITABLE templates are included. Plus, you'll get a printable student dictionary, editable centers grading templates, and the BRAND NEW growing bundle of differentiated reading passages that are being added to throughout the 2023-24 school year!

Management Tips & Tricks


This 50-minute mini-masterclass is all about giving you some simple management ideas you can add to your teacher toolbox. We'll talk about having a clear management plan, strategies for getting students' attention, creating a strong classroom community, simple differentiation tricks, and routines and procedures you can put in place to make your life easier.

Getting Writer's Workshop

Started Mini-Masterclass

This 30-minute mini-masterclass is all about getting writer's workshop setup during your first month of school. We'll talk about writing best practices, a daily structure for your writer's workshop, and how you can structure your writing instruction during that first month of school to build a solid foundation for the rest of the school year.

Back to School Writing Mini-Lessons Make & Take

Hit the ground running with 7 ready to go writing mini-lessons in this Back to School Writing Make & Take. You'll get a video walk-through of all the activities, plus editable templates to customize, so you'll be ready for that first week of writer's workshop and beyond.

Getting Centers Started


In this 50-minute mini-masterclass we cover ideas for centers activities, accountability, and management. Along with the downloadable video and audio, you'll also get editable templates for all of the centers direction pages + two choices of grading templates.

Weekly "Quick Click" Emails

Every Sunday, members receive an email with an overview of What's New, What's Next, and What's Already Available in the membership. This includes "Quick Click" links to download membership resources. On those crazy weeks when you don't have a moment to spare, you might just find the perfect resource arrive in your inbox, ready to click, download, and go!

Bonus: Monthly Challenges

with PRIZES!

Super teachers have a flair for FUN, so every month we have a (not too challenging) challenge, so you can get rewarded for focusing on teacher tasks you're pretty much doing already. Prizes include gift cards, "Teacher Faves" from Amazon, and cold hard Venmo cash.  

Bonus: Monthly Facebook Live Resource Overviews + Q&As

On the first Sunday of every month, Katie goes live in our members-only Facebook group to give overviews of the resources in your monthly module, take your questions, announce the winners of our challenges, and give tips and tricks for the month ahead. Replays are always available for those who can't attend live.

Plus, there's more to come:

A new monthly module will be added on the first day of every month and more resources will be added based on member requests and feedback.

What you need most is what comes next!

Let's plan for parent conferences, report cards, centers (you can do it!), and the first big holiday of the school year.

Downloads include: October homework, math challenges, Getting Centers Started mini-masterclass, fall parent conference resources, Super Teacher costume patterns, Haunted Mansion math project, literacy centers, math centers, a rounding treasure hunt, and "Ready, Set, Show!" Verbs, plus Halloween-themed addition, subtraction, multiplication, and addition & subtraction combo activities.

Just a few weeks until a holiday Super Teacher! We'll get you to that fourth Thursday in November (and beyond) with simple activities that will save you some stress.

Downloads include: November homework, math challenges, literacy centers, math centers, an addition treasure hunt, and "Ready, Set, Show!" Contractions, plus Thanksgiving-themed addition, subtraction, multiplication and division activities.

With seasonal printables, games, and calm classroom traditions, we'll make it to the new year before you know it.

Downloads include: December homework, math challenges, literacy centers, math centers, a subtraction treasure hunt, and "Ready, Set, Show!" Complete Sentences, plus holiday-themed addition, subtraction, multiplication and division activities.

Whatever is in store for the new year, we'll work through it together and welcome our kiddos back from break with some ready-to-go resources to make the new year a little less stressful.

Downloads include: January homework, math challenges, literacy centers, math centers, and "Ready, Set, Show!" Subjects & Predicates, plus winter-themed addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Hearts, flowers, the shortest month and the easiest class party of the year! We've got this!

Downloads include: February homework, math challenges, literacy centers, math centers, and "Ready, Set, Show!" Types of Sentences, plus seasonal addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Download printables and digital games with leprechaun, rainbow, and horseshoe themes and have a place to turn during standardized testing season. Spring Break is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

Downloads include: March homework, math challenges, literacy centers, math centers, and March-themed "Ready, Set, Show!" addition, subtraction, multiplication and division activities plus travel-themed bonuses as Spring Break draws near.

Get a head start on April with homework, digital math games, and math challenges with spring and Easter themes.

Downloads include: April homework, math challenges, literacy centers, math centers, and spring-themed "Ready, Set, Show!" addition, subtraction, multiplication and division activities.

You're so close to summer Super Teacher! This month you'll have access to May homework, end of the year math challenges & brainteasers, plus emoji-themed Ready, Set, Show games. Need something fun to keep the kiddos' attention during this crazy time? The Wonka Week bonus items included this month will do the trick! 

Not quite to break yet? You'll have access to fun review activities, summer math challenges & brainteasers, plus some fun extra ideas and ready-made activities for those final weeks. Done with the school year? Come participate in our summer challenge (prizes too!), plus submit requests for what you need most for the new school year. You relax and I'll do the work.

Grab one of the reading and writing workshop bulletin board kits or the classroom library organization pack from this month's module and do some printing/laminating/cutting while Netflixing with your favorite beverage. In planning mode? Grab the Year Long Plan Trello resource to start virtually jotting down your ideas for the year.

So many great activities . . .

"There are so many great activities on the site. I really enjoy the Ready, Set, Show math activities. I use them as a warm-up activity at the beginning of our math block. I love how the skill changes each month. The skills I use most are math facts, time, and money. They keep ALL students engaged. The activity is great for building fluency. Plus, there is no prep. When I have a little down time, I will search the site for a skill that we are working on. It's as easy as downloading and then you're ready to use the activity. Not to mention the site can be used to help you stay on track. This is one of the best teacher sites I use!"

Misty A.  //  Second Grade Teacher, WV

For all new and even experienced teachers . . .

"As a first year teacher the Super Teacher Membership definitely gave me the tools that I needed to make my year less stressful! When I struggled to find materials that would help enrich my lessons I looked back at the Super Teacher site and I was able to fill those voids. The Math Challenges and Brainteasers were a lifesaver for me throughout the year as I used them for my early finishers and morning work. I will definitely continue to use these challenges and brainteasers to invoke perseverance within my classroom. Additionally, the assortment of Literacy Center materials really saved me when I was struggling to develop several of my reading stations. I highly recommend a Super Teacher Membership for all new and even experienced teachers!"

PETER S.  //  Third Grade Teacher, NE

Saved me many hours searching for ideas . . . 

"I have been teaching for 17 years, but it’s always great getting fresh new ideas from others. At first I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to join, but have been struggling getting my students to do their homework, so decided to try it just for the homework ideas. I’m so glad I did. The homework features alone have saved me many hours! My students have loved having choices for their homework and it has been very successful. The "Ready, Set, Show!" PowerPoints have helped with fact practice and concept review and my students enjoy them. It gives me a quick and easy way to assess students know and remember. Katie also has many other great ideas that I have implemented in my classroom with great success. It is definitely worth the money and has saved me many hours searching for ideas. I would recommend it to any teacher whether they are experienced or new."

SHAWNA B.  //  Third Grade Teacher, UT

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  • Monthly bonus challenges
  • Management, Writing and Centers mini-masterclasses
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