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Literacy Centers for Super Teachers


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If you’re looking for practical, EASY to use literacy centers for your 2nd or 3rd grade classroom, you’re in the right place Super Teacher.

This BRAND NEW Literacy Centers Bundle combines the best-selling Word Work & Writing Centers with editable student-friendly direction pages and grading templates, a student dictionary, and a GROWING BUNDLE of reading passages so you can have your centers ready in a snap.

Let’s save you some time and stress & make centers super EASY Super Teacher!

You’ll have access to 20+ word work and spelling centers, and 10+ writing centers.

PRINT & GO versions as well as EDITABLE templates are included.

You can choose to grab the mini-packs organized by month, download the centers individually, or get the 200+ page Word Work and 500+ page Writing Centers packets all in 1. 

Plus, you’ll also get the Getting Centers Started Mini-Masterclass, a printable student dictionary, editable centers grading templates and the growing set of BRAND NEW reading passages I’m creating this year!

At least 1 set of reading passages (these include 2 differentiated reading passages in 3 different versions) will be added to the bundle every month through May. 

Literacy Center downloads consist of PDF documents and editable PowerPoints. You will need to have access to PowerPoint to be able to use the editable templates.

The Centers Mini-Masterclass can be viewed directly inside your Literacy Centers for Super Teachers module.

After your purchase, you’ll be taken to a page to setup a password. Once you create a password, you’ll be taken directly to the Literacy Centers for Super Teachers dashboard where you’ll have access to the centers downloads.

You will also receive a few e-mails from me after your purchase with details about where to login, as well as updates as reading passages and other goodies are added to this bundle in the future.

What’s Included?

Get the Details

Getting Centers Started Mini-Masterclass

In this 38-minute mini-masterclass we cover ideas for centers activities, accountability, and management. You’ll also get the downloadable audio, so you can listen on the go.

All of the resources we talk about in the mini-masterclass are included in your Literacy Centers so start here, see what you need to get your centers up and running ASAP!

Month by Month Mini-Packs

The monthly mini-packs include 4-6 of the word work and writing centers handpicked and put into one mini-bundle, so you don’t have to think too hard. Just download the mini-pack at the beginning of the month and you’ll have a nice head-start on the month.

Individual Center Downloads

Your Literacy Centers dashboard includes all of the word work and writing centers organized into single downloads. Just click, download and print exactly what you need!

All In One Word Work Centers

If you want a one-time download, this is for you! You’ll get over 250 pages of student direction pages, supplementary printables, and spelling activities tested in 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms.

Click here to download a preview of the Word Work Centers.

All In One Writing Centers

Want everything all in one? The writing centers download includes over 500 pages of student direction pages, supplementary printables and writing prompts in three sizes.

Click here to download a preview of the Writing Centers.

Editable Centers Grading Templates

You’ll get editable versions of the Centers Sign-Off and Centers Tracker grading options discussed in the Mini-Masterclass. Change the text, clip art, and/or fonts and make them your own!

Growing Set of Reading Passages

During the 2023-24 school year, we’ll be adding reading passages to your literacy centers dashboard.

Each reading passage will include 2 differentiated versions in 3 different formats.

Format 1 asks students to highlight text evidence in answer to questions.

Format 2 asks students to answer three questions about the text in complete sentences.

Format 3 asks students to write two pieces of their thinking about the text on post-its.

Student Dictionary

Solve the “How do I spell . . . ?” problem with this easy to use personal dictionary!

A perfect addition to your writing centers, this print & go spelling and editing resource includes all the words that your 2nd and 3rd grade students are always asking how to spell. It includes 1,200 Commonly Spelled Words and 24 Themed Word Lists PLUS blank spaces for students to keep track of their personalized Words to Learn lists!

What teachers are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the resources in the Literacy Centers for Super Teachers bundle have been created for and classroom tested in 2nd and 3rd grade.

The word work centers ($12.49), writing centers ($13.50), literacy centers bundle ($18.00) and student dictionary ($6.00) can be purchased individually at Teachers Pay Teachers.

The reading passages are currently available only in the Super Teacher Membership ($157.60 per year – doors open in August and January) and as part of this bundle.

If you have previously purchased any of the items in the bundle, you can receive a credit for that amount to be applied to the purchase of this bundle. Just e-mail me at [email protected] and we’ll figure it out. I’m happy to help!

A set of 2 differentiated reading passages will be added by the end of each month (most likely sooner). You will receive an e-mail when any additions are made to the bundle, with a quick click link so you can download the resource from your e-mail.

In 2023-24 we’ll be working on creating reading passages. We are committed to creating at least 10 of these throughout the year (hopefully more).

A few other items on our to-do list include: a digital centers rotation board, teacher talk writing center, editable reading response letter templates, and conferring checklists/tracking pages.

There is a Feedback section on your dashboard for feedback and requests. Let me know what you need and it might just go on that to-do list.

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