You don’t have to have a cape, or do all . . . the . . . things . . . to be a Super Teacher!

Are you a pragmatic “tell it like it is” sort of teacher?

  • You would choose work time in your classroom over a motivational PD presentation any day.
  • You want actionable classroom ideas you can implement now, preferably using as few copies as possible. You know that copier is going to be jammed yet again (and you totally know who did it).
  • You get your Starbucks and meditation skills ready when you hear an overpaid “expert” will be presenting at your next day-long PD. You might as well use this time wisely. Sitting quietly with caffeine and deep breathing exercises should do the trick.
  • You’re all about being a team player, but if you’re told to do something that’s not best for kids, then you’re going to find your own creative Super Teacher way around it.
  • You may or may not have sent Betsy Devos a care package full of the nubby pencils you found on the floor in early 2018. OK, so you didn’t, but you sure thought about it!

Are you a fan of all things elementary classroom fun?

  • You’re all over school dress up days (but you might be guilty of rotating the same 5 items every year).
  • You absolutely decorated the neon vest you were given (along with safety whistle) for recess duty.
  • Per your request, planning next year’s team Halloween costumes is part of your back to school team meeting agenda.
  • Your thoughts on songs, chants, and moving around the room like crazy: if it helps those kids to learn, you’ll do it (and pretend to love it)!
  • You are open to theme weeks (camping! candy! animals!) as long as you’re not spending over 30 bucks on supplies.
  • You love the fact that you can turn on an Usher song, flick the light switch on and off, and create an 8-year old rave, all in the name of “Brain Breaks”. Our job is fun like that!
  • To you, personality not programs is what it’s all about!

Are you looking for practical ideas to help you meet the needs of every learner in your 2nd or 3rd grade classroom?

  • You’re looking for practical ways to keep all your students challenged.
  • You’re constantly on the lookout for strategies to make the “must-dos” more doable. Conforming to a boxed program just isn’t your style!
  • You’re open to differentiating through choice.
  • You’re not going to spend two months salary on the flexible seating craze until you see what’s really worth Amazon Prime-ing to the school. (You’ll collect data and make an informed decision after you see how the gung-ho gal next door does with those giant bouncy banana chairs.)
  • You already have a lot of great ideas that are working for you in your classroom, but you’re always open to something new, fun, and classroom-tested to try.
  • You want to meet all of your students where they’re at, but you also want to maintain some semblance of a life outside the classroom.

Sound like you? Then you’re in the right place Super Teacher because . . .

I help straight-talking teachers, with a flair for fun, personalize learning!

I have fourteen years of classroom teaching experience in grades 2-3 (+ one in fifth) and am passionate about helping teachers refine their practice & meet the needs of every learner.  If you’re all about implementing super (practical!) teaching practices while keeping your sanity, come stay awhile.

Be Super, Stay Sane!
Don’t let the “Super Teacher” title scare you.

You don’t have to be perfect to be super! In fact, the name of this site stemmed less from wanting to be a Super Teacher, and more from one of my favorite team Halloween costumes.

There’s a reason this blog is called I Want to be a Super Teacher (not I’m a Super Teacher, or Be a Super Teacher).

After 14 years working my tail off in the classroom, I still don’t feel like a “Super” Teacher.  Teaching is hard!

There’s always someone with a more Pinterest-worthy room, or an expert on some educational research you’re just starting to look into, or some darling teacher making Boomerang videos of her smiling throwing confetti.
In my opinion, Super Teachers are those who recognize we have more to learn, but are refining our practice, and doing our best to balance doing great work in the classroom with staying afloat in everyday life.

You don’t have to be perfect to be super.

Still reading? Impressive! Here’s a little bit about more about the person referring to you as Super Teacher:

  • I’m Katie and my perfect day includes taking a shower and minimal nose wipings. (a.k.a. I have a toddler).
  • My, now geriatric, minpin Lily is my bestest doggie pal and even finagled her way into the I Want to be a Super Teacher logo. Look for a dog in a cape up top. She’s anxious, and nervous, and crazy, and I love her. She is basically me in dog form with better clothes and more naptime.

  • I have a secret talent of being able to link 2 celebrities through people they’ve dated or starred in movies with. My mom brain has recently impacted the speed with which I can perform this talent, but I’m pretty sure I still have it. Try me!
  • Although I live in Michigan, I’ll always be a Coloradan at heart.  The Boulder effect is real! However, Michigan is beautiful and despite the grossly inadequate internet access, living in the Michigan farmland has its benefits. I post pretty Michigan pics on IG to remind me that I should be a little more grateful about my beautiful lakeside surroundings instead of chomping at the bit to get back to the Flatirons.
  • I am a Halloween fiend!  Planning grade level Halloween costumes consumes my back to school thoughts.
  • If you ever want to reminisce about Anne of Green Gables (Jonathan Crombie style), I’m your gal! I don’t want sunbursts, or marble halls, I just . . . want . . . you! (insert swoon)

Thanks for reading Super Teacher. I’m so glad you’re here!

I hope you can find some Super Teaching ideas here! Thanks for checking out I Want to be a Super Teacher!

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