Ready, Set, Show! Wonka Addition & Subtraction Facts


Use this digital addition and subtraction facts game with white boards to add some candy-themed FUN to your math fact fluency practice.

This paperless addition and subtraction fact activity with high interest Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and candy themes is READY IN SECONDS!

PowerPoint and Google Slides versions are included.

Second and third grade students love the Wonka characters and candy art obscuring the digits in their addition and subtraction equations, and you’ll love how engaged your students are with their math fact practice.

Includes PowerPoint and Google Slides versions. 

Want a closer look? You can download a preview of this product HERE.


**Includes a Google Classroom version. This link, along with instructions, can be found to the left of slide 1 and in the notes section of slide 1 when viewing the PowerPoint in editing (not presentation) mode. The Google Classroom version does not include teacher directions or editable text boxes and slides, so it is ready to be shared directly with students and parents via Google Classroom.**

This digital resource is a perfect fact practice or review activity you can use immediately with your 2nd grade or 3rd grade students. No paper needed! It includes addition and subtraction fact practice problems that meet first, second, and third grade (review) standards for a mixed fact practice review.

Use this addition and subtraction fact practice activity as a:

  • Whole class math warmup
  • Small group activity during math centers (display the show on an iPad or Chromebook)
  • Fun math activity during the end of the year, during a class reading of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or during your class Wonka Week
  • Review activity before a timed test
  • Brain break – have students shout out answers instead of using white boards. Fun (and easy)!

The interactive slide show contains every addition equation with a sum of 2-20 and every subtraction equation with a minuend of 1-20. Addition and subtraction facts are presented in a mixed format throughout the show.

The PowerPoint includes 103 addition problems and 210 subtraction problems organized into the following sections:

  • Student intro and instructions
  • Practice question
  • 91 Addition & subtraction facts using one-digit numbers only
  • 222 Addition & subtraction facts using at least one two-digit number
  • Editable teacher slides and instructions
  • Thank you, credits & copyright

If you would like to make changes to the slide show, the text boxes on the instruction & practice problem slides are editable + there are 4 editable slides included at the end of the show for you to edit, copy, and paste into the existing show so you can reuse this resource.

The clip art is not included on the editable slides due to copyright restrictions. However, links to the clip art sets used are provided in the teacher notes within the product.

The digital download includes:

  • 1 PowerPoint file (with embedded font on editable slides)
  • Link to a Google Slides version of the activity

Download Details

Type of File: 1 PowerPoint file (with embedded font on editable slides) + link to a Google Classroom version of the activity
Total Pages/Slides: 1,268 slides

Terms & Conditions

You may:

  • Use this item for your own classroom and/or students.
  • Move, copy, or delete slides to personalize the product for your classroom needs.
  • Add slides using the editable templates.
  • Use this product in your own classroom year after year.

You may not:

  • Give this item to others.
  • Copy this item for use by others.
  • Use any piece of this product to create a product, free or priced.
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