Everything You Need to Organize Your Classroom Library by Genre


If you’re looking to organize your classroom library by genre, look no further! This set includes everything you will need (and more).

This Classroom Library organizational system is perfect for 2nd or 3rd grade teachers setting up a classroom library for the first time, or looking to reorganize their library books by genre rather than level.

Use the print & go genre labels, and NEW editable resources to get your library management system up and running fast!

You can download a preview of this product HERE.



This product includes everything you might need to get your classroom library organized by genre:

  • Print & go book bin labels in 2 sizes
  • Editable book bin labels in 3 sizes
  • Print & go genre labels for individual books
  • Editable genre labels for individual books
  • Personalized labels to keep tabs of your own books
  • Plus resources to introduce your classroom library to students on those first days of school and keep in their reader’s notebooks all year long!

Want to see everything included in the Classroom Library Organization by Genre pack?

You can download a 12 page preview of this product HERE. Just click on the preview link and the preview will automatically download to your device. (Check your downloads folder if a box doesn’t automatically appear.)

In the Classroom Library Organization by Genre pack you will find a Zip file with:

1. A PowerPoint show you can use during the first weeks of school to introduce students to the organization of your genre-based classroom library. Editable slides are included so you can add any genres you might need.

2. A PDF with large printable labels you can use for book tubs (4 & 9 per page versions) of all genres shown in the PowerPoint + bin labels for student work, book hospital, reshelf, magazines and picture books

Printable labels included are:
Popular Series
Buddy Reads
Award Winners
Scary Stories
Realistic Fiction
Fantasy Fiction
Historical Fiction
Student Work
Book Hospital
Picture books
Science Fiction
Traditional Literature (myths, legends, tall tales, folk tales, fairy tales)

3. An editable PowerPoint with three sizes of labels (1, 4, and 9 per page). Use these to create additional book bin labels for more genres/topics of your choice.

4. Small genre labels (80 per page) to label every book in your library with an appropriate genre. Every label sheet has the same genre, picture, and font as the bin labels (labels for every genre are included except picture books, magazines, and student work – since these can be labeled by genre)

5. An editable label page in Word you can use to customize any additional small genre labels you might need

6. A genre match activity to use after the introductory PowerPoint

7. A handout (answer key) for students to keep with their reader’s workshop items for reference

8. One page of 80 personalized “From the library of Your Name Here” labels, you can use to label your personally purchased books in style. After purchase, you will be given a link to a form to submit your personalization information. After the personalization information is submitted, please allow 24-48 hours to receive your personalized labels in the form of a single PDF document to your email inbox.

You can read more about organizing your classroom library by genre including pictures, links, and tips at my blog post: How to Organize Your Classroom Library by Genre HERE.

Happy library organizing and have a fab day Super Teacher,

After you Purchase

*You will have immediate access to a Zip file with all the product items except the personalized labels. You will need to submit that after purchase.
*Inside the Zip file you receive you will find a PDF document with a link to submit your label personalization details. Please open this and submit your information as soon as possible.
*Once you submit the personalization information, please allow 24-48 hours for the labels (in PDF form) to be sent to your inbox.

Download Details

Type of File: ZIP file with 7 items inside – 1 Classroom Library Introduction PowerPoint + 1 PDF with large printable genre labels + 1 editable PowerPoint with large genre labels + 1 PDF with Genre Match & Answer Key Anchor Chart + 1 editable Word document with small genre labels + 1 PDF with small genre labels + 1 PDF with personalization request instructions
Total Pages: 100+

Terms & Conditions

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  • Use this item for your own classroom and/or students.
  • Make copies of anything in this product for use in your classroom by your students.
  • Use this product in your own classroom year after year.
  • Create your own labels using the editable pages

You may not:

  • Give this item to others.
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