October Homework Menu & Corresponding Printables


Scared by how much you have to do this month? Get your entire month of October homework differentiated in a snap using this editable homework choice board and NO PREP printables.

The October third grade homework menu pack contains differentiated work that fosters choice and builds upon students’ strengths.

With an editable homework menu template & 35+ NO PREP printables, teachers can customize these flexible resources to use for monthly homework in October and beyond!


Included with this pack you will find

*Homework Overview – In Katie’s Humble Opinion
*Homework Research – two links to articles that synthesize the research on homework
*FAQs about using homework menus in the classroom
*Getting Everything Ready
*Homework Menu Overview – handout for students and parents
*October Homework Menu PDF version
*Four types of homework trackers for students
Homework bookmark (this is what I use for 99% of students)
Homework tracker (this is the same as the bookmark, but is a whole page rather than a half page)
Daily homework tracker (A whole page for students who need to turn in homework daily instead of weekly)
Daily homework bookmark (A half page for students who need to turn in homework daily instead of weekly)

A variety of printables you can use in your classroom and as part of homework for the month of October and beyond:
– Letter writing paper (2 versions – Halloween characters & candy)
– Math Challenge: Haunted Mansion
– Math Challenge: Haunted Hotel
– Math Challenge: Candy Kids
– Math Brainteaser: Trick or Treat
– Math Brainteaser: BATS Logic Puzzle
– Math Brainteaser: ZOMBIE Logic Puzzle
– Reading Fact Sheet
– Research Contract
– Meaningful Connections
– Predictions
– Fix it Paragraph
– Three Dice Throw
– Roll and Write
– How Do We Resolve Conflicts?
– October Learning Style Activities
– Writing Prompt: October Memory (narrative)
– Writing Prompt: Halloween Celebration (opinion)
– Writing Prompt: Halloween Costume (opinion)
– Writing Prompt: Fall Recipe (informative/explanatory)
– Knowledge Bowl
– Picture Spelling Instructions & 2 blank pictures (mummy and pumpkin)
– Long a Spelling Sort
– Hoo am I #1 (Place value, adding multiple 1 and 2-digit numbers)
– Hoo am I #2 (Place value, adding multiple 2 and 3-digit numbers)
– Number Sense Review
– Expanded Form Review
– What’s Missing? #1 (Fill in missing numbers in hundreds chart)
– What’s Missing? #2 (Fill in missing numbers on in/out tables)
– Word Problem Review (Addition and subtraction word problems)
– Wild Self Avatar
– What Should my Teacher be for Halloween
– Compliments
– Home Reading Log with ideas for possible responses
– Interview Guide
– Exercise Log

*Homework Links you can use to find additional (free) printables and online activities

These editable documents are also included in the product folder:
*Homework Menu Overview handout (in editable PowerPoint) for students and parents (This is great to have available for parents and students as a reminder throughout the year!)
*October Homework Menu (in editable PowerPoint with embedded fonts)
*Excel document to keep track of homework grading

I hope you find these useful in your classroom! Please contact me with any questions at [email protected].

Have a fab day and happy homeworking Super Teacher,

Teacher Testimonials

“I had some parents asking for meaningful homework and this was exactly what they were looking for. This is one happy teacher as my kids seem to enjoy picking their homework as well!!” – Andrea T.

“This gives students meaningful homework that they have ownership of!” – Samantha M.

“My students and parents love this homework pack.” – Katie K.

“I don’t use these for homework, I use some of the activities for station work instead.” – Lena A.

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