Netflix for Clothes? Yes please!

Guess what my hubby (and by my hubby I mean me via my hubby) got me for the holidays?  A subscription to Le Tote!

“What in the world is that” you ask?  It’s like Netflix for clothes.  In each tote that is shipped to your home you get 3 articles of clothing and 2 accessories.  Once you wear them, send them back (free shipping both ways) and wait for your new tote to arrive.

If this works out and is as awesome as it sounds I’ll be in teacher clothes heaven.

Try it out with me and see what you think!  If you give (or get) this as a gift you shouldn’t have to join the waiting list, so find that special hubby, boyfriend, child, dog, or cat who might want to give you some clothing for the holidays.  You’ll get your tote faster if it’s a gift.

Have a great holiday break teachers.  You deserve it!


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