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Classroom Setup Checklist FREE Back to School Organization

Setting up a classroom for back to school? These FREE elementary classroom setup checklists are for you! Whether you’re a first year teacher or an established educator looking for some new organizational ideas, these checklists & tips are perfect for any 2nd or 3rd grade teacher.
Classroom setup checklist pages

No matter how many years of teaching experience you have, getting a classroom ready for back to school is ov . . . er . . . whelm . . . ing! These classroom setup checklists are here to help you get organized, break the job into small tasks, and stay focused.

The free printables in the classroom setup checklists include check lists, questions, and links to resources for reading, writing, math, classroom procedures/management, and odds & ends.

They’re all FREE and sent right to your inbox!

Pages of classroom setup checklist pdf

Plus, doesn’t crossing items off a list count as your daily dose of exercise come Back to School season?

If you’re wearing yoga pants it does!

Cover and overview pages of classroom setup checklist pdf

Grab those comfy pants, print the PDF, get your favorite cold drink (you know they don’t turn on the air in the summer), add your favorite colored Flair pens and get ready to check, check, check!

Now, let’s get that classroom in order!

Classroom Setup Checklists FAQ

What grade levels are the classroom setup checklists for?

This resource was created for 2nd and 3rd grade elementary classroom teachers. However, a number of the items on the checklists and the questions to think about apply to any elementary grade level.

What’s included in the free pdf?

There are 12 total pages in the free download which include checklists, questions to think about, and links to resources & supplies for multiple subjects to help you get that classroom up and running for back to school.

Pages of classroom setup checklist pdf

What subject areas are included?

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Management
  • Classroom Odds & Ends
Pages of classroom setup checklist pdf

Where can I download the free classroom checklists?

Just click HERE or on the button below and enter your email.

Then the automatic download link for the Classroom Setup Checklist PDF will appear in your inbox.

get the classroom​ setup checklists

Now you’re ready to check off those boxes one by one until your classroom setup is DONE!

See something that should be added to the checklists, questions, or links? Please leave a comment and let me know!

Have a fab day Super Teacher,

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