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Bubble Letter Name Art Freebie

This name art project is perfect for back to school. Just customize the free name art templates with the names on your class list and you’ve got a fun team building and art project ready to go!

Not only will this name art project give you a little time to catch your breath (and maybe, just maybe, run to the bathroom), the name tags the kids make during this activity can be used to create a variety of year long bulletin boards that you don’t have to take down until summer.

get the name art templates

Bubble Letter Name Art Instructions

Step #1: Introduce the name art project with a book

The Name Jar is a great one to talk about the meaning & importance of names and The Big Orange Splot is my personal fave to talk about individuality/favorites/hopes and dreams (affiliate links). 

If you don’t have time for a mentor text, just tell students you want to get to know them better, not only as learners, but as people too + you’d like something special for every student to show off on your walls and/or bulletin boards.

Step #2: Brainstorm Lists as a Class

Brainstorm lists of possible favorites and/or things that make students unique: favorite colors, foods, subjects, numbers, sports, places, activities, secret talents, family, and fun facts are all possible ideas for decorating name art letters! {With lists of ideas on the board no one is stuck with nothing to draw and you might just get that breather you’d been hoping for}

Step #3: Show Students a Name Art Example

My first draft (before color) includes fall and spring themes in the K, art items in the A, technology tools in the T, Halloween characters in the I, and a travel theme in & around the E.  You’ll also find books, palm trees, my minpin Lily, pottery, music, running, and teacher themed drawings in the background.  Just because you have a short name doesn’t mean you need to leave out details in your drawings! {We’re talking to you CJ and JD and Ann!}

Step #4: Get Started on that Name Art

Give each student their bubble letter name. Print these on if you’re planning to laminate and use them all year.  Their job is to decorate each letter with a different design, color, or illustration that tells the class something about them.

That’s it!

What can you do with the finished name art? 

Three Possible Ideas:

#1: Put the names up on a bulletin board with the words “Our Class” in the middle.  Then add photographs of your time together throughout the year.  Once you start adding photographs to this board it’s seriously DARLING!  Here’s what mine looked like before adding photos.

#2: Put the names on an “Amazing Work” bulletin board.  The names (and clothespins or however else you want to attach student work to the wall) will stay there all year, while the work each student puts by his/her name can change throughout the year.

#3: Laminate and keep the nametags somewhere safe.  Whenever you display work in the hallways or on a bulletin board where labeling with student names is appropriate, use these to label each child’s work

Here’s an example of our Back to School Big Orange Splot dream house board.

Get the editable name art templates Freebie!

Thinking bubble letter name art might just be the thing you need to keep sane this week? Just click below to have the EDITABLE PowerPoint document sent to your email so you can get bubble name decorating, and bulletin board making, in no time at all.

get the name art templates

Have a fab day Super Teacher,


  1. Hi Katie!
    I love this bubble art name activity for my grade 1’s. Unfortunately, when I try to print using your powerpoint template, all fonts (including the font you provided) are solid so the students cannot colour inside the letters. I even tried the “fill” tool on the toolbar and changed it to white, but it’s still solid black.

    Please help as I really would love to use this.

    1. Hi Julia! Have you saved the names as a pdf before printing? If it’s not working to print straight from the slides, this is the next step. If that doesn’t work, you can also save as a pdf and then print as an image. This should work. Please let me know if it doesn’t.

  2. Thank you! Look forward to name art this year!

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