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10 Must Have Classroom Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Making your classroom supply list? Add these must-have teacher supplies to your Amazon wishlist before back to school! These cheap teacher favorites are essential for every elementary teacher, but you won’t find any of them in the workroom.
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If you’ve been creating your list of classroom supplies, you’ve probably already added composition notebooks, folders with pockets, spirals, and (of course) Flair pens.

But, do you have any of these lesser known classroom supplies for elementary teachers? You certainly won’t find them in the workroom. Luckily they’re all available on Amazon (with Prime shipping!)

The next time you’re Amazon Prime-ing something to your door, add some of these teacher supply must-haves to your wishlist.

These classroom supplies are all under $15 and will give you some serious bang for your buck.

Want to skip the reading and see pics? You can find everything non-edible at the Classroom Supplies Amazon recommendation list HERE.

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Classroom supply flat staple removers picture

Must-Have Classroom Supply #1 – Flat staple remover(s)

If you only choose one item on this list, this is it! The flat staple remover is where it’s at for prying staples off of bulletin boards and walls, plus it’s magnetic so you can slap it on your whiteboard for safe keeping.

Get the 3 pack because your teammates will absolutely steal at least 1 from your desk drawer.

If you use super strong staples or keep breaking the plastic ones try this all metal version.

Classroom supply packing tape picture

Must-Have Classroom Supply #2 – Packing tape (the good stuff)

Cover writer’s notebooks with high quality packing tape and the covers will last all year.

Use a few inches to cover the name labels on student folders so they aren’t picked off in a day.

Place a strip on the spines of the paperback books purchased with your hard earned money to extend their lifespan, or use it to adhere posters to one of those brick walls that has been magically created to repel all classroom decorations.

Classroom supply pincher claws picture

Must-Have Classroom Supply #3 – Pincher claws

Can’t get ahold of the custodian and need to re-home a dead mouse? Pincher claws!

Dirty tissue on the floor with no rubber gloves in sight? Pincher claws!

Nasty used band-aids stuck to the carpet? Endless possibilities!

Classroom supply magnetic tape picture

Must-Have Classroom Supply #4 – Magnetic tape

Magnetic tape is perfect for adhering to the back of daily schedule cards and visual reminders for your whiteboard.

Short on wall space? Have a magnetic job board and put it on the (probably metal) side of your teacher desk.

The ease with which you can move these around makes magnetic name tags perfect for your reading/writing conferencing schedule or center groups too.

Plus it comes in a variety of forms: roll, pre-cut squares, circles, business cards, and even full 8×10 sheets.

Classroom supply sticky printer label picture

Must-Have Classroom Supply #5 – Sticky labels

Not only can you use the return address sized sticky labels to label your library books, you can also use the regular address sized labels (30 per page) or shipping sized labels (10 per page) to put names on everything from student folders/coatroom hangers/mail cubbies to field trip name tags.

Just type up a class list of first names and label away!

Classroom supply rosemary lice spray picture

Must-Have Classroom Supply #6 – Rosemary lice spray

Come winter there is a very good chance you’re going to need a class set of white kitchen garbage bags (with pull ties), strong hairspray, pony tail holders, and rosemary lice spray.

Pin this post and come back when the infestation hits. It will happen, and your neck will itch like the dickens until spring. But at least you’ll smell like a yummy Italian restaurant.

Must-Have Classroom Supply #7 – Sound muffling headphones

Students seriously LOVE these noise blocking headphones. Get at least a half dozen pairs to add to your “learning tools” bucket. After the novelty wears off you’d be surprised how great students can be about using them only as needed.

Just Clorox wipe after every use (see lice warning above).

Classroom supply 3-tier plastic drawer picture

Must-Have Classroom Supply #8 – Three-tier drawer

Most files will need to go in a your desk or a filing cabinet, but get at least one small set of 3 drawers that are easily accessible for the top of your desk or counter close-by to keep the items you need within 48 hours.

Label the drawers COPY, READY, and FILE.

Once your FILE drawer is stuffed to the brim, you know it’s time to empty and organize, or at the very least, shove that pile in your desk.

Classroom supply chocolate bag picture

Must-Have Classroom Supply #9 – Treats for your “you’ve had a hard day” (a.k.a. the chocolate) drawer

Every teacher needs a chocolate/treat drawer. At the end of a hard day when you’re close to tears and know you won’t be leaving until dark, sometimes a piece of chocolate can really do the trick.

Just plan to gain some poundage, especially that first year when all you have time to “cook” is Little Caesars pizza, pizza. 🙂

Classroom supply popsicle picture

Must-Have Classroom Supply #10 – Popsicles

Your throat is going to be killer sore that first week of school. Be ready with your favorite cold treat. It’s an amazingly good feeling to know you have something yummy waiting for you at the end of the day. Plus you can endear yourself to wary colleagues if you share.

See a classroom item above that’s a must-have for you?

You can find the all these supplies (minus popsicles) and a whole lot more at the Super Teacher Classroom Supplies Amazon recommendation list HERE.

Do you have more ideas for lesser known, but must-have classroom supplies?

Reply and let me know!

Have a fab day Super Teacher,

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