Testing Tips Posters

I feel pretty lucky that my Michigan kidlets don’t have to take the dreaded MSTEP and NWEA until May – That’s right – May!  This is way better than Colorado, where my third graders started standardized testing in February.  Gah!
If you need to make your room a testing haven, making Testing Tips Posters is a simple activity you can do to make your room a little more test friendly.  Students can hang up their testing poster around the room throughout your testing window and then testing best practices are all around them.  

I tell them the purpose of the poster is to motivate them, remind them of a testing tip, or relax them.  I always draw a giant beach with a sunset and tell them that when I’m stressed I like to visualize being at the beach, so my testing poster will help me relax if I’m stressed.

Here are some pics from years past.  We’ll see what the little ones come up with this year.  Something cute I’m sure!
Happy testing season!

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