Last Week of School – Camp Coyote

I can’t believe the last week of school is here!  During my Teacher Appreciation Week TpT sale buying I got a lovely little packet with some great ideas for the last week of school.  Click on the picture below to link to the product.

After checking out her cool ideas I decided we’re starting a new third grade tradition this year — Camp Coyote!  The kids are beyond thrilled to bring in blankets and sleeping bags for the week, and I’m so excited this gave the kids the motivation to actually clean their desks this year.  My room is spotless (or as spotless as it can be this time of year), with all the desks moved out and ready for “Camp” to start tomorrow.  I’m printing out t-shirt badges, thinking of additional arts and crafts, cabin team names, and how to make a fire out of construction paper.  Thank you thank you creator of Camp End of the Year for the inspiration and ideas!

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