November Mentor Texts and Read Alouds – Themes of friendship, kindness, loyalty, and family

November is such a lovely month with chillier weather, earlier sunsets, and time for family, but it can also be super stressful with parent teacher conferences, elections, and Halloween hangovers.  All of my favorite November read alouds are feel-good books with themes of friendship, caring, and love (Who doesn’t need this right now?!), or texts that make you feel warm and safe, thinking about things and people that are meaningful to you.  If you or your students are feeling stressed, sitting down together and reading one of these amazing books would be time well spent.

Two Bobbies is a perfect book to talk about the importance of setting, as it is set just after hurricane Katrina.  This can be a great book to talk about the themes of friendship, loyalty, and kindness.  I used it to talk about the importance and traits of true friends.  My students loved it. I could tell from the wide eyes, the “ooohhhhh”s and “ahhhhh”s and “yay”s!  After we read it we wrote Thank-you-Grams to all our wonderful friends while sitting happy and complete knowing the Two Bobbies are safe and sound.  🙂
I am a sucker for a good animal story!  Nubs is just that and can be used around Veterans Day since it’s all about a dog in Iraq and his journey home with Brian, a brave Marine.  Such a fantastic story of friendship, loss, stick-with-it-ness (is that a word?!) and love.  I’m going to read it to the kids focused on things we’re thankful for since it’s November, but it’s an anytime sort of book.  You can read a little more about Nubs, plus see a video of Nubs and Brian at my blog post here.  Love, love, love Nubs!
The pictures in All The Places to Love are so, so beautiful!  This is also a great read aloud focusing on similes, and can be an excellent mentor text for a quick write about a favorite place.  You can also use it for a mini-lesson on zooming in to a particular place in your writing.

This is my go-to mentor text when we talk about descriptive writing, word choice, five sense writing, or just need a day when we do a no stress quick write.  The kids can always think of a month that they can describe!

Happy November and Happy Reading Super Teacher,

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