Last Week Before Break Freebies & RACK Sacks

I am so, so late to the December party.

I’m currently mentally preparing myself for the week ahead and plan to look for some fun freebies to tide the kids over until Friday at 3:35.  If you’re in the same boat, here are a few freebies from me.

First, four holiday printables including a holiday tree dot game (I’m totally using this one this week!), Santa’s flight path geography (think I’m going to use this one too), holiday word work and letter writing paper.

Second, in case you’re in the emergency “I NEED 30 CHEAP GIFTS IN THE NEXT 4 DAYS” mode, use these editable coupons.  My students always love sitting in my chair or bringing a stuffed animal to class for a day and they don’t cost me a thing.

Looking for a great read aloud?  This one is my holiday favorite!  The pictures are beautiful and the story is so sweet.  You can even use it as a mentor text and do a quickwrite about gift stories (birthdays, holidays, etc.) if you’re thinking of actually teaching next week.  🙂

Lastly,  if you’re thinking of doing RACK (Random Acts of Classroom Kindness), think about making RACK Sacks.  We use these like stockings.  Students write letters or compliments for classmates, teachers deliver them to RACK Sacks and the kids get to open these on the last day before the break.


Good luck this week and happy break!


  1. My Penguin Osbert is one of my absolute favorite! When I got a cat a couple years ago, my class helped my name him. They chose Osbert after the penguin in this book! It's a great story with beautiful pictures!

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