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10 End of Year Student Gift Ideas

Planning for end of the year student gifts? These 10 student gift ideas include simple items you can grab on Amazon that won’t break the bank, as well as an easy print & go option you can print and laminate.

You can find everything for the gifts mentioned in this post at the Gifts for Students Amazon recommendation list HERE.

Student gift idea #1

T-Shirt Yearbooks

To buy: 1 white t-shirt for every student + 2-3 sets of fabric markers

Price: $2 per t-shirt, $6.50 per set of fabric markers

Total: $3-$4 per student

Purchase a white tee for every kiddo and then have an around-the-room activity where each student signs/draws a picture on every shirt.

Now your kiddos will have a pajama shirt for life (size up!) and a cute souvenir from their school year for around $3-$4 per kiddo.

Student gift idea #2

Water Bottle & Waterproof Sticker

To buy: 1 water bottle per student + 1 set of waterproof stickers

Price: $60 for 24 water bottles, $7 for 100 stickers

Total: $3-$4 per student

Grab a bulk set of plastic water bottles and some waterproof stickers and student gifts are complete.

The waterproof stickers come in giant packs, so you’ll have tons left over to fill up your treasure box for next year. 

Student gift idea #3

Flower Pot & Seeds

To buy: 1 pot + seed pack/seed paper for each student

Price: $40 for 30 3-inch pots, $20 for 100 seed papers

Total: $2-$3 per student

Get pots for every student to decorate with colorful Sharpie markers, and toss in some seed packets or seed paper to create a cute summer flowerpot gift.

This idea doubles as an easy art project for the last week of school, and is also a great option to give to parent volunteers.  

Student gift idea #4

Scrabble Nameplate

To buy: 1 letter rack per student + box of wooden letter tiles

Price: $22 for 1,000 letter tiles, $12 for 12 letter racks

Total: $1-$2 per student

Ready for some DIY fun? It’s time to grab the glue gun! Get a class set of tile holders and a large set of letter tiles. Then, you’re an hour or two + a few burnt fingers away from a class set of personalized Scrabble nameplates.

Just glue the letter tiles to the letter rack, run your fingers under some cold water, and student gifts are done!

Student gift idea #5

Book & Magnetic Bookmark

To buy: 1 book + 1 bookmark for each student

Price: $1 per book, $14 for 60 bookmarks

Total: $1.50-$2 per student

Hit up that Scholastic catalogue and cross your fingers for some good $1 book options. Grab a class set of these and add a cute magnetic bookmark. Student gifts complete!

Student gift idea #6

Framed Class Picture

To buy: 1 frame for each student + printed class picture

Price: $2 per frame, photo printing fees ($2 with online coupon for 8×10 print)

Total: $3-$4 per student

Snap a cute class pic and get it framed. Print out the 8×10 pics at a local Walgreens since you know the school’s color printer isn’t up to the job. Then, grab frames on Amazon (they’re 12 for $24) and you’re set.

Student gift idea #7

Twisty Straw and Drink

To buy: 1 straw + 1 water/juice bottle for each student

Price: $0.75 per straw, $6/32 pack of water, $4/6-pack of apple juice bottles

Total: $1-$1.50 per student

Grab a few sets of twisty straws (they come in packs of 12 for just over $8), and some drink bottles. Tie the straw on the drink bottle with a “Drink in the Summer” label and you’re good to go.

Student gift idea #8

Popsicle Holder + Otter Pop

To buy: 1 popsicle holder + 1 Otter Pop for each student

Price: $0.70 per popsicle holder, $0.50 per Otter Pop

Total: $1-$1.50 per student

Get a set of popsicle holders (they come in packs of 27 for just under $17), and some Otter Pops/skinny push-popsicles.

Place the popsicle (it doesn’t need to be frozen), in the holder, and you’ve got a cute summer gift!

Student gift idea #9

Bubble Wands

To buy: 1 bubble wand per student

Price: $25 for 30 wands

Total: $1-$1.50 per student

Make a label that reads, “You blew me away this year”, attach it to a bubble wand, and you’ve got student gifts on the cheap!

Student gift idea #10

Our Class Word Cloud

To buy: white card stock + laminating pouches

Price: $5 for 75 sheets of Astrobrights cardstock, $17/100 laminating pouches, 1-2 hours of your time

Total: Under $1 per student

Use the names of all the students in your class to create a word cloud. Then print it out on cardstock and laminate.

Kids love finding their names and, because there’s very little personalization involved, these are minimal work for you.

There are a number of online resources to create word clouds, but wordclouds.com is my favorite. Here you can personalize your colors, fonts, shape, and background for free!

Does one of these end of year gift ideas look like it might work for you? You can find everything you’ll need to put together these gifts at the Gifts for Students Amazon recommendation list HERE.

What is your plan for end of the year student gifts? Will one of these ideas work for you, or do you have another amazing idea I should add to my list? Leave a comment and let me know. 

Have a fab day Super Teacher,

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