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Summer Stuff #2 – The Service Station Freebie

As you’re preparing for fall (and possibly cleaning and/or moving your classroom) are you coming across any classroom projects you don’t need done immediately, but definitely want finished sometime during the school year?  Do you ever have a parent volunteer come into your room staring eagerly at you and think “Crapfest!  I have nothing for them to do!”?  If so, this post might be for you!

I don’t like scurrying around like a crazed raccoon looking for projects for parent helpers who show up unannounced (or sometimes announced, but I forgot they were coming), so I have a Service Station.  

This is just really a fancy name for a-place-I-throw-all-the-stuff-I-need-done-and-am-willing-to-let-someone-else-do.  It looks much better if you put a fancy schmancy sign by it and give it a name.  

Common projects/tasks I toss into the Service Station are: cutting and pasting items for upcoming projects, grading, copies, organizing materials, hall display items, taping and labeling library books, items that need to be cleaned or fixed, filing, and of course shrinking chip bags and making CHIP trophies.  If you have no idea what this means see this post.  I highly recommend CHIP trophies!

If you’d like one too, tidy up a table or corner of your classroom and set up a Service Station of your own.  Train your parent helpers to look here first for projects that need making, papers that need grading, masters that need copying, or any other work that needs doing.

Download this FREE simple freebie poster HERE to label your Service Station for all those parent volunteers you’ll surely have breaking down your door come fall.  

They’ll feel so fabulously needed and you’ll look so very organized and superteachery when they see your lovely piles-o-work just waiting for a special volunteer like them!

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  1. I wrote this down immediately! I definitely have parents that want to help. I am wondering how long I can look at something in this center before rushing over to do it myself! But, i want to try it and I think parents will love that I encourage them to be involved (with purpose!) Appreciate the idea!

    Always A Lesson

  2. I know what you mean. I always keep those one or two things I'm dying to get finished on top with a fancy ASAP note. Usually I can get them done before they drive me crazy. 🙂

  3. Thanks Fern! I'm following you too. I just used your Pinterest trick. Very cool.

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