Teacher Dresses an Award and a Giveaway

I’ve been slacking on blogging due to sleeping in, playing with my doggie, doing some exciting stuff I’ve never done around Denver with my hubby (restaurants! plays! zoo! science museum!), playing on Vista Print, Internet shopping, and trying to get my writing bulletin boards ready for TpT.

I intended to post about all the stuff I’m getting done for my classroom, but since I haven’t really done much that can be shown to others (all the planning and thinking and pinning I’m doing doesn’t translate into a picture for a blog), I figured I’d show you my two new teacher dresses.

A few words about teacher clothing:
Teacher clothing can be tricky.  You want to look cute, but you have to be comfy.  You also have to take into consideration you’re on your knees, sitting cross-legged, bending over, doing recess duty in all sorts of weather, speed walking, and sweating all day long.  When buying teacher dresses you have to consider how they will look to eight-year-old eyes from a variety of angles.  How will you look when you’re on top of a desk trying to fix the projector on the ceiling?  When jumping to kill a wasp?  When doing the cargo net to show the kids it’s not that scary?  Plus you don’t want some kid asking you if you’re pregnant or telling you you look fat.  Children’s honesty when it comes to the way you look can be brutal.  🙂

I’ve found that as an elementary school teacher you can get away with some pretty crazy patterns.  If you strut around like you own it (and of course add some cute boots and jewelry), any dress can fit into the “so ugly it’s cute” category – like a squish-faced pug or a cross-eyed chihuahua.  With that in mind, here are my two purchases that just came yesterday!

I thought I would like the colorful one more, but the polka dot one is so soft and comfy.  It probably needs a belt of some kind, but it’s my favorite of the two.  I bought both of these dresses on ideeli.com (the link here is my personalized invite link).  I love modcloth.com and overstock.com too.

Now the hard part:
Keeping the dresses in my closet until August 15th unworn.  I am a sucker for wearing new clothes.  I’m going to try my best though. It’s always so much more fun to have new clothes on the first days of school.

On another note, some very sweet teacher bloggers have nominated me for the Liebster blog.  Thank you to Brigid at Bridgid’s Daily Lesson Log and Sailing Second Grade Seas for giving me this very kind award.

The rules of the Liebster Blog Award are to link back to those who gave it to you and to nominate five blogs with 200 followers or less. I’m working on my nominees and will update this blog post when I find them.  

I also wanted to tell you about another 500 follower giveaway over at I Love 1st Grade that I’m donating a product for.  Two winners will receive all 31 prizes!  Wow!  Hop on over and enter before 12 am on July 30th.


  1. Thank you, Katie, for blogging about my giveaway:)
    I appreciate you

  2. I like the polka dotted one. But I never wear dresses to teach in. I'm just not comfortable, and as you said in your post, you have to be comfortable in many situations. It's fun, though, because at the end of the year when we have our big award thing in the evening I do wear a dress and it's a Big Deal to the kids.

    Totally Terrific Teaching

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