Cross Legged Critter Turkeys – Great for the week before Thanksgiving Break

I love to do this activity on the last day before Thanksgiving break.  You can turn it into a listening activity, a following directions activity, or a reading “how to” writing activity.  Students can take these home and use them to hold napkins or just take up space and fall over on their Thanksgiving table.  🙂

My finished example is below (although since he’s been in the art cupboard getting squished by sequins, felt, and paper bags he’s currently looking a bit sad — I shall glue a few more feathers on him before I show him to my kiddos next week).

I typically model step by step and then have two groups: one that can be more independent following the written directions (I like to make 15 or so copies so all students have access to the written directions) and one group with me that will work on following step by step oral directions.

Here are the printable directions I use and give to students.

Because I am a touch OCD, I suggest that students glue their feathers on the back of the critter as it looks prettier on the front, but this is really unimportant to any normal person (or third grader).  🙂

A great fast finisher: students can use the extra paper they get from cutting their original rectangular paper into a square to make baby turkeys.  Fun, cute, (and let’s face it) time consuming!


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