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Valentine’s Day Freebie and a Valentine Question

Hi fellow bloggers and blog readers.  I just updated my Valentine Freebie pack on TpT if anyone is looking for a few extra items for their valentine parties and/or just a few minutes of solace on Valentines Day.  πŸ™‚  It includes Two Math Brainteasers, Valentine Make-Your-Own Word Find, and a Valentine’s ABC Candy Brainstorm activity.

If you download the freebie and read this post I would so appreciate any ideas you guys have for student valentines.  I try to stay away from sugar since we have so much of that anyway and I’ve been buying the velcro monkeys from Oriental Trading for the last few years, so I want to mix it up.  Any ideas you might have would be so, so welcome!

Happy Sunday,


  1. We have our parties first thing in the morning. We serve breakfast so they get a healthy start to the day. We don't ask for any sweets to be brought in (however, parents usually send things in without being asked!) having the party in the morning keeps kids from asking, "how much longer until our party?" Then for the rest of the day we can do other Valentine things or do normal things. We also do this with our Halloween party, too.

  2. For every Holiday, I put themed (sharpened) pencils on the students desks so they get a gift first thing in the morning when they arrive. My students LOVE them & look forward to them. This year, I made pencil toppers that I'll put on them for Valentine's Day. I made ladybugs for the pencils and my daughter will give her class tootsie pops, so I made a the cute heart mice to use. All free, if they work for you, enjoy!


  3. These new self inflating balloons are pretty cool and kids love them! They sell them at the dollar store or Target dollar spot in a package of 4 for $1. You pop open the package and a little heart balloon with a valentine picture inflates in minutes. Something unique and fun!


  4. My kids are obsessed with bouncy balls and Target has some for a pretty good price in the party section. I will put them in a cute little bag with a sign that says "Have a Ball on Valentine's Day!"

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  5. Thank you for all of the student valentine suggestions blogger friends! I have filed all of your suggestions into my Valentine's Day folder and Pinterest files. πŸ™‚

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