Teacher Week Monday: 5 Fun Facts

I’m linking up with Blog Hoppin’ for Teacher Week.  This means a blog post daily for a week! A WHOLE WEEK! Gah!  This is a challenge for me as my blogging has been sporadic at best this last while, but I wanted to challenge myself, plus the little pictures they provided for the linkup are just so darn cute I couldn’t resist!

Fact #1
My minpin, Lily, has a fuzzy winter coat, a pumpkin costume, a CU hoodie, an Olivia the Pig dress, a teddy bear sweater, and a car seat (really just a hundred dollar foam cube covered in fabric).  I think she is the cutest dog in all the land.  We adopted her when we lived in Denver.  She had been given back to the same shelter TWICE!  I have no idea what those crazy people were thinking because she is truly the best, quirkiest, little doggie ever!  
Fact #2

Last year I had to give up on my bathroom pass sanitizers because I had children in my class who attempted to pump out at much as they could and spread it all over their bodies.  We’re talking slathering this stuff up and down arms, on faces, and the cracks between their toes. One might think – How could you allow this Katie?  This is not a very Super-Teachery thing to have going on in your classroom. Do you need to read blog posts about classroom management?  What exactly were you doing while your children bathed in sanitizer?!  The answer: focusing on the child who was seeing invisible bees, throwing over desks, and jumping on top of my air conditioning unit.   Yep!  It was just that kind of a year!

Fact #3

This summer my hubby and I went to Europe!  We’ve been planning this trip forever and soaked up everything we could over our 13 day trip to Manchester, London, and Paris.  I love that he loves museums, libraries, guided tours, and afternoon tea.  It makes traveling so much more enjoyable when you both enjoy the same things!  The pic below is of us in a little town in England where they filmed scenes for Godric’s Hollow in the last Harry Potter movie.  Gah!  I totally had an HP freak out there!  


Fact #4

I can link any two celebrities Kevin Bacon style through people they’ve dated and/or movies/TV shows they’ve been in.  Try me.  🙂

Fact #5
To celebrate the end of every school year I always watch Dazed and Confused. I will never tire of this tradition.  Last year (see Fact #2 sanitizer bathing story) was an especially exciting Dazed and Confused showing as I had MADE IT TO JUNE!  I still don’t know how that happened without therapy.  🙂 

  See you tomorrow for Make Ahead Meals!



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