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Wonka Week – End of the Year Motivation and FUN

Tis’ the season for my end of year standby: WONKA Week!  I have never had a class so motivated by sugar as I do this year, so Wonka Week is the perfect solution to managing these last few weeks.  (And yes, I know, I taught in Boulder, Colorado and sugar is bad.  But, my sanity is important and so is yours, so throw nutrition aside for a few days and join me!)

If you’re looking for a new end-of-year tradition, think about trying Wonka Week.  If you’re still in school and need a little something to motivate those little ones, this might do the trick.  Here’s a few things we did for Wonka Week.

Wonka Tickets

Throughout Wonka week(s) these are the new incentives for student behavior.  All students who receive a Wonka ticket get to draw from the candy bar jar at the end of the day.  If their candy bar is one of the lucky Golden Ticket Winners then they get one of the BIG prizes.

For maximum effect put out the candy bars and prizes a day or two before you introduce the Wonka tickets. My little second graders’ curiosity was piqued after an hour looking at the candy.  The cool candy jar our PTO gave us for Teacher Appreciation Week didn’t hurt either.  Way better than a glass bowl.
If you’re interested in a little Wonka motivation you can get free copies of the golden tickets I use here.  Then all you need to do is print these out and do a little candy bar finagling (see my finagling steps pictured below).

Wonka Factories

How cute are these?  For math we worked on creating our own Wonka Factory floors. Students get a letter from Willy Wonka asking them to design a new floor for his factory. They have rooms they have to include and then get to add rooms of their choice with any left over area.  Here are the results.  I always love hearing them talk about their ideas for candy rooms.  Jelly bean fountain!  Cotton candy island!  🙂

Wonka Science
Tons of fun and easy science experiments can be centered around candy:
Which candy bars will sink when put in water? Which will float?
What will happen when a Gobstopper is put in water? soda? juice? vinegar?
What will happen when you put Skittles in water? (The S floats!)

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