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10 Amazing Teacher Gift Ideas for your Favorite Teaching Teammate

Looking for the perfect teacher gift idea you can get for that super cool elementary teacher or teaching teammate? Whether you’re on a budget or looking to spend a little more, you can find the perfect teaching work-spouse gift somewhere in these 10 teacher teammate gift ideas.

Check out these ideas you can use for Christmas, back to school, birthday, teacher appreciation, end of the year (We made it!), Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or any time you want to treat a deserving elementary teacher to that perfect cute and useful gift! 

If you’re more of an Amazon Prime teacher than a make-it-from-scratch teacher, all of these gifts are perfect for you since they can all be ordered right from the comfort of your couch on Amazon! No trips to the craft store needed here! Whether you’re shopping well in advance (way to be a planner Super Teacher!) or last minute (I feel ya, and will also be there), most of these items can be sent to your home or school (wrapped!) in 2 days. Thank you Amazon Prime!

This post includes affiliate links.

In a hurry? You can find all the teacher gifts in this post (plus more as I come across additional gift ideas) at the Gifts for Teachers list on my Amazon affiliate recommendation page HERE.

Teacher Gift #1 Personalized Lanyard and Whistle

How perfect is this Wonder Woman lanyard for your super teacher bestie? Get a set of lanyards and some new whistles (you know it’s time to retire your nasty old one), and be recess police twinners until you have to blow that (shiny new) whistle and head inside.

Price: $10 for lanyard + 2 whistles

Teacher Gift #2 Comfy Slippers for Under her Desk

After a day on your feet, and most likely a long night of grading and planning ahead, slipping into a nice pair of cozy socks or slippers is the best. These polka dot slipper socks are so, so cute and have great reviews! Add a wrapped pack of Airborne for the perfect “Welcome to cold and flu season” gift (you know you’ll both be needing these come January).

Price: $10 slippers, $15 Airborne (large pack)

Teacher Gift #3 A Cute Bag

You know her old bag is frayed and worn from toting all of those guided reading books and folders full of grading home and back every night.  Replace her old bag with this cute hobo (personally approved by my stylish mother-in-law!)

This super darling bag is large, comes in multiple colors, and sometimes even includes a surprisingly large matchy bonus bag (check the individual listings for availability) perfect for carrying Flair pens, your cell phone, or field trip First Aid Supplies (you always need Band-Aids) in style.

Price: $25ish (surprisingly reasonable!)

Teacher Gift #4 Electric Kettle & Teapot

Not only can you use this kettle and teapot or infuser mug after school or during planning time to whip up a nice hot cup of yumminess, but an electric kettle is so nice to have around when you need hot water FAST. (Think science experiments or hot chocolate read-ins where your parent volunteer sends powder sans water).

Add some loose leaf tea and a bag of chocolate to replenish her chocolate drawer. You’ll end up getting at least half of that chocolate back during an after school vent session anyway, so think of it as a gift for both of you

Price: Kettle $25, Teapot $25, loose leaf tea $15

Teacher Gift #5 A Piece of Jewelry you know she’ll love

These green and silver cuff bracelets reminiscent of Wonder Woman are the perfect chunky wrist-wear for your favorite Super Teacher Teammate. If she’s more of a necklace gal, this hammered metal interlocking circles necklace is a sleek piece of statement jewelry. Plus the cute interlocking circles are a metaphor for your fantastic friendship {I call gold circle!}.

Price: Bracelets $8.50 & $13, Necklace $65 {Yes, this one is spendy but can be the perfect teammate gift for a special occasion. I used it as a goodbye gift. Love you Mrs. Villecco!}

Teacher Gift #6 iPad Accessories

If your teacher bestie is a pro at creating workshop conferencing notes on her iPad, or is always playing around with the newest educational apps, how about getting her a new iPad cover that  comes in a variety of colors (and actually stands up like it’s supposed to)? Add a set of colorful styluses to keep her looking good while getting her tech on. Plus, with a set of 6 she can have a stylus in every one of her teacher bags! Add a little ribbon, and the styluses alone can make the perfect techy teacher bff gift!

Price: $15 case + $9 styluses

Teacher Gift #7 Picture Book + Stuffed Animal

If your teacher bestie is always adding to her mentor text library (who isn’t?) then try a picture book with matching stuffed animal she can use to brighten her classroom shelves. If she’s a teacher mom (bless her!), she can also add this to her little one(s)’ room instead. Finding Winnie + Classic Winnie the Pooh, Knuffle Bunny + Plush Knuffle Bunny, We are in a Book + Elephant and Piggie, Dragons Love Tacos + Dragon, Don’t Let Pigeon Drive the Bus + Pigeon, and Olivia + (the one and only) Olivia are my faves.

Price: $30-50 for hardcover book + plush

Teacher Gift #8 One of your favorite books that you know she’ll love too

Wanna go serious? Try The Glass Castle. Need something to make you both giggle? Try Tina Fey’s Bossypants or anything by David Sedaris (Me Talk Pretty One Day is a personal fave). Want to stay within a teaching theme? Try 32 Third Graders and 1 Class Bunny. Phillip Done’s confrontation with the school laminator will make you glad you don’t have to wear a tie to work! Make sure you inscribe the inside of the cover thoughtfully so she can look back on your fabulous teacher teammate-ness for years to come.

Price: $10ish per book (All of the above titles are available in paperback)

Teacher Gift #9 Single Cup Coffee Maker

Go big or go home! A single cup coffee maker she can keep in her classroom along with a variety pack of K-pods is the ultimate “Let’s chat over a warm cup of something yummy during our planning time instead of updating our data wall” gift. The multi-colored Keurig machines can compliment any classroom decor.

Before paying full price, make sure you check Rakuten (formerly Ebates) for coupon codes and use their links for cash back. This seriously works! Just make sure you click through Rakuten or activate their browser button BEFORE you put items in your cart. (This is my Rakuten affiliate link. I love them!)

Price: $65-80 for coffee maker (depending on color), $25 for set of 40 K-cups

Teacher Gift #10 Journal and Flair Pens

It’s hard to go wrong with something pretty to write in and something colorful to write with. (Your super teacher senses just tingled a little didn’t they?)

You’ll be hard pressed to find a single elementary teacher who doesn’t love a good journal and Flair pen combo.  This is a useful and inexpensive gift that every teacher will love! 

Price: $12 for Journals (set of 3), $8.50 (8 pack)-$20 (24 pack) for Flair Pens

BONUS Teacher Gift #11 Gift Cards!

So many perfect gifts, it’s hard to choose just 10! If in doubt – everyone loves gift cards! Get one for a place you both love to shop so you can make an after school activity of it together (Homegoods! Target!), or a card to a favorite restaurant where you can take your non-work spouses for a fun night out.

Before paying full price, make sure you check out Raise, where you can buy unused gift cards and sell ones you don’t need. You won’t always find what you’re looking for, but if you can you can get a few bucks off while looking extra generous. This is also a very helpful site if  you get gift cards for holidays that you really won’t use.

Price: $1-Whatever you want!

Do you have an amazing gift idea that your teacher besties have loved? Tell me about it in the comments!

Have a fab day Super Teacher,


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