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Engage Your Highest Mathematicians NOW with Math Contracts

Need an easy way to start challenging your advanced math kids NOW? Try math contracts! This simple strategy works wonders for challenging those talented 2nd and 3rd grade mathematicians. Read on to learn more + get a FREE editable math contract.

Need an easy way to start challenging those advanced math kids NOW? Try math contracts! A simple strategy for elementary classroom teachers to differentiate for advanced math students. Works in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classrooms. Click to learn more + get a FREE editable math contract! #education #math #differentiation #freebie #elementaryeducation #elementaryclassroom #freeprintables #teach #teacher

Do you have a few kiddos who seem to know everything in math before you teach it, and might even be starting to look a little bored when math time rolls around? You want to meet the needs of all your learners (absolutely!), but you also need something quick and easy because you have five million other things to do and that data wall ain’t gonna update itself!

The answer is . . . Math Contracts! 

Math contracts are my favorite (SUPER Simple) way to start differentiating for advanced mathematicians.

Math contracts are an easy way to keep your gifted mathematicians on their toes, that won’t make you go insane.  Just get contracts started and your kids can work away whenever they need.

Differentiation Complete!

As the advanced print & go assignments for math contracts I use the activities from my math challenge and brainteaser packs. You can find a free September math challenge HERE.

If you want to see ALL the challenges available (There are sets for every month of the school year + themed math challenge packs) you can check them all out HERE. The ones pictured below are from the September math challenge pack.

Here’s a quick start guide on how to get math contracts started so your advanced kidlets can be challenged EVERY day:

1. Make copies of a math contract for the kiddos who seem like they need more of a challenge. {You know the ones who can finish everything grade level in 2 seconds, or the ones whose parents start asking you how you plan to challenge their child before B2S night even begins}

2. Make copies of 3-5 math challenges or brainteasers for every contract (they can be the same ones for every student).

3. Staple a copy of the math contract on top of the 3-5 math challenges.  These are now the magical “math contract packs” #notjustapileofpapers

4. Take 5 minutes to pull the contract kiddos aside, explain what the contract entails, have them sign, and brainstorm a small reward for when a contract is complete.  It doesn’t have to be big.  The personalized work is really the reward.

Now you decide: can students work on these after they finish a required math assignment? as fast finishers only? during math lesson downtime? in place of grade level math assignments?

I like to have math contract students keep these on their desks as an option during whole class math if they already know the material.  If they can do the 5 hardest problems on a required whole class math assignment they show me and then they can work on their contract.  Math contracts can also work seamlessly with your independent center time.

That’s it!

You are now challenging your advanced mathematicians with very little work on your part!

PLUS the parents who are wondering when you’re going to notice how gifted their little one is will be so impressed when they see their sweet little one’s advanced work. You are so on top of it!

Get an Editable Math Contract for FREE

Thinking math contracts might work for you? You can get a free EDITABLE copy of the math contract in the pictures above (minus the clip art due to copyright restrictions) sent right to your inbox. Just sign up below and check your email.





Have a fab day Super Teacher,


  1. I would love a copy of your math contract. Thank you so much!

    1. I just sent the math contract Tisha. Please reply to one of my emails or leave a comment on the site if you don’t receive it in the next few minutes. So happy these might work for you!

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