The Tooth Fairy

Since I teach third grade, the kiddos in my class have already lost dozens of incisors and bicuspids and are now in the final stages of tooth loss.  It’s still fairly exciting for them to lose a tooth, but mostly due to the grossness of it and the automatic pass they receive to the nurse (a.k.a. wandering around the hallway and/or bathroom).  Thus, you don’t need to make too big a deal of lost teeth.

As a little girl I accrued a fine collection of Madame Alexander dolls, which now lonesomely stand trapped in my parents’ spare bedroom staring at us when we sleep there during holiday vacations.  I did find a practical use for one of them however.

Introducing . . .  The Tooth Fairy

This little gal sits in my classroom next to a sign and is the extent of my attention to loose/bloody/fallen out teeth.  Every once in awhile a kidlet will ask, “Do I really have to kiss her?”

Nope.  They don’t.

But, you don’t have to hear too much about fallen out teethers either.  It’s win win for everyone.

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