Hand Sanitizer Bathroom Passes – Free Labels

Free hand sanitizer bathroom pass labels. A great idea for managing bathroom breaks and keeping hands clean in elementary grades.

When I saw this picture on Pinterest, I knew I had to have some of my own little bathroom pass sanitizers for the new school year.  Little did I know this idea came from a fellow Colorado teacher. Thanks so much Stephanie from Third Grade Thoughts!  (I just used your brain breaks with my students today and they were a huge hit!)

I didn’t label the passes girl or boy because I’m a girl and I understand that creatures of the male persuasion can typically go to the bathroom much more quickly than us gals.  There’s a reason the line for the women’s bathroom is always 10 times longer than the men’s!  I don’t want some poor little 8 year old girl dying because there is a boy’s pass sitting there and she doesn’t dare use it.  I would rather have generic “bathroom pass” bottles that can be used by anyone. (Although I have a feeling the girls will take the red and yellow and the boys will take the blue and orange — just a theory)

If you would like to use the same labels I do just click on the picture or this link and download them for free at TpT.

Here are my little guys all ready to go.  See what you think!

If you’re interested in more ideas for simple summer projects, or items you can make or buy for your 2-3 classroom this summer to help save some sanity in the fall, head to the Summer Tasks for Teachers Post HERE.


  1. Do you know how many times I have used the phrase Super Teacher during my career? I just smiled sooo big! I LOVE it! I am so happy I found you blog and am your newest follower. Please come check me out.

    Language Lovin' Teacher

  2. Hi! I'm a teacher from Singapore. Can't quite figure out how does this sanitizer bathroom pass works.. Do they bring it to the bathroom or…? Would really appreciate if you could explain. Thanks! 🙂

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