Camping Math Challenges & Brainteasers


Use these PRINT & GO + GOOGLE SLIDES camping themed math activities to challenge your high flying 2nd and 3rd grade students!

Perfect for integrating math with your camping themed classroom, or to use at the end of the year when students are thinking about summer camp and outdoor adventures.


This math challenge and brainteaser pack includes 26 NO PREP math printables + virtual math activities with answer keys you can use for math centers, homework, fast finishers, small groups, number talks, distance learning, math enrichment contracts, seasonal classroom activities, whole class problem solving, or engaging summer school work.

Camping themes include: tents, summer camp, cabins, hiking, barbecues, mosquitoes, woods, hot cocoa, sleeping bags, roasting marshmallows, nature, campfires, and (of course!) s’mores.

Recommended as a challenge for grades 2-3.

Included in this pack:

13 Math Challenges

  • Mosquito Bites (Adding 1 and 2-digit numbers to 30, guess and check)
  • Mouth Full of Marshmallows (Adding 2-digit numbers to 100, guess and check)
  • Cabin Assignments (Place value with 3-digits, adding 1-digit numbers within 20, guess and check)
  • BBQ Planning (Adding 1 and 2-digit numbers to 100, guess and check)
  • Camper Combinations (Finding all possible combinations, organizing work)
  • Obstacle Course (Addition, multiplication, converting minutes to hours, elapsed time)
  • Camp Garden (Area, repeated addition/multiplication with 1 and 2-digit numbers)
  • Prepping the Popsicles (Repeated addition/multiplication with 1 and 2-digit numbers)
  • Campfire Seating (Doubling numbers, organizing data, adding multiple 2-digit numbers)
  • Hot Cocoa Comparison (Capacity conversions with cups, pints, and quarts)
  • S’more Store (Adding and subtracting money within $5.00, guess and check)
  • Into the Woods (Subtraction with larger numbers, non-traditional division strategies)
  • Camp Schedule (Elapsed time, adding and subtracting minutes and hours)

All math challenges come with a lined page for written responses focused on strategies students used to solve the problem

13 Brainteasers

  • Campfire Clues in color and b&w (Logical thinking, guess and check)
  • Sleeping Bag Slumber Party in color and b&w (Logical thinking, guess and check)
  • Tent Tenants in color and b&w (Logical thinking, guess and check)
  • Dining Hall Design (Adding 1 and 2-digit numbers, guess and check)
  • Camp Store #1 (Adding coins and bills to $5.00, easier)
  • Camp Store #2 (Adding coins and bills to $10.00, more difficult)
  • Outdoor Equations #1 (Addition and subtraction within 20, balancing equations)
  • Outdoor Equations #2 (Addition and subtraction within 100, balancing equations)
  • CAMP Logic Puzzle (Logical thinking, guess and check, easier)
  • Nature WALK Logic Puzzle (Logical thinking, guess and check, easier)
  • HIKERS Logic Puzzle (Logical thinking, guess and check, more difficult)
  • CABINS Logic Puzzle (Logical thinking, guess and check, more difficult)
  • CAMPFIRES Logic Puzzle (Logical thinking, guess and check, most difficult)

Also includes

  • Student resource page with common conversions and extra info students might need to help solve these problems.
  • Link to an interactive Google Slides version
  • Google Slides FAQ and tutorial videos
  • Answer keys for every problem

Teacher Testimonials

“My students had a great time using the math and language pages during our camping themed week!” -Lauren F.

“These are great brainteasers to get kids ready for math! They even made me think harder than I thought they would!” -Bailey A.

“Fun way to apply reasoning skills. Good topic for end of the year.” -Mary C.

“Challenging and enjoyed by my kiddos.” -Krystle C.

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Answer Keys: Included for every problem

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